Why Guest Blogging Helps Small Businesses Look Big

You may have visited blogs before and maybe noticed when an article has been posted by a “guest blogger,” instead of by the main person who usually runs the site. If a site allows guest bloggers, what’s it mean to you in the world of SEO, local search or building your brand?

10 Benefits Guest Blogging Can Offer You

The SEO Value is one part of it, but getting your name out there as an “expert in your field” will help you build your actual brand. For instance, if someone is checking your kitchen cabinet service out online after you gave them a proposal for a new kitchen, wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of “expert” articles, all written by your company on multiple industry-related blogs showing up? (P.S… You do actually know that 74% of all potential customers check out service companies online by typing in their names before giving them any money – just something to keep in mind).

How to post as a guest blog on others’ sites:

The SEO benefits you get from posting a guest blog on others’ sites will help you in numerous ways. Not only do you get backlinks to your own site (which, again, boosts your search engine rankings), but you will also be able to reach potential new clients SEO guest blogging. Let’s face it, it is unlikely that the few regular readers on your website and the regular readers on the website where you are guest blogging overlap completely – which means there will be plenty of readers on the new site who would never have heard of you, and would never have visited your blog, if you hadn’t done your awesome new guest post!

When you start creating guest blogs on others’ sites, and you do it regularly, bloggers might actually start to reach out to you for expert articles (that of course have a link to your site)! Sometimes, even if a site does not have a specific “Guest blogger” policy and you really want to be on the site, start following the blog and making good comments. Eventually they may reach out to you to get more involved.

There are even sites you can sign up for that allow you to put your expertise down and be a resource for journalists to interview or use for quotes. Blogs often go to these services to save themselves some time when they are putting an article together.

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