The Advantages of Using a Fuel Injection Cleaner

To understand the exact role of a fuel injector cleaner, you first have to know what a fuel injector cleaner is. The fuel injector cleaner is the small part that shoots fuel to the fuel injector at high pressure. Every cylinder within your engine has a single injector which it is responsible for injecting fuel to the combustion chamber of the engine for burning.

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This means that if there are too many additives in the fuel injected cylinder the mixture will burn less efficiently. If it is burning poorly, the performance will be worse and eventually the engine will go. To prevent this from happening, the fuel injector cleaner chemically cleanses the inside of the cylinders. It does this by injecting small amounts of water at high pressure into the fuel injectors. Water is one of the most common and effective additives that help remove any contaminates or deposits inside the injectors.

The fuel injector cleaner is sold in either a five gallon bucket or in a twenty gallon drum, called the Si-1. There are two different types of drums, the wet and dry. A wet type is used when you need to clean more than just one cylinder. When using a wet method, check current price online for the appropriate type fuel injector cleaner.

Once you have found the proper size, let the fuel injector cleaner sit overnight to allow the solution to work its way through the system. Check your engine the next day to ensure that everything is running correctly. The solution will have worked its way deep into the combustion chambers, where the fuel is ignited. Check your fuel injector cleaner to see how long it took to get there. This will give you an idea of how well you cleaned your system.

The next step is to remove any and all deposits that you were unable to remove with the first method. Use a combination of water and vinegar to help remove any small metal filings that may be lodged in your fuel system. This process can be messy, so take along a bucket and a sponge. It is better to use a little soap and water instead of vinegar as the former does not cause as much damage. If the fuel injector cleaner did not dissolve the metal deposits, repeat this process until you have removed all traces of the deposits.

In order for fuel injector cleaners to perform their job completely, they need to stay in a fully full tank. You should never run out of gas while using a cleaner. However, if you do run out, it is recommended that you replace the full tank before attempting to use another one.

After you have refilled your fuel injectors with fuel, it is important that you keep them clean and clear of any and all debris. Fuel and antifreeze can make their way into your fuel injectors. These foreign materials can clog up your fuel injectors and interfere with the efficiency that they are intended to operate at. As you age your gas tank will become less efficient. This means that you will slowly spend more money on fuel as your engine struggles to properly utilize the fuel that it has available.

Another problem that can occur if you attempt to use a fuel injection cleaner without following proper safety procedures is that they can strip away the polyetheramine coating that protects your fuel injectors. This coating protects your engine’s parts from contamination. If the polyetheramine coating is stripped away, it can cause your engine’s components to breakdown. A fuel injector cleaner should never be used to remove the polyetheramine coating without using proper cleaning agent. Follow all instructions carefully when it comes to the cleaning of your fuel injectors.

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