Redmond Movers – Tips For Your Next House Move

The affluence of the population is directly attributable to the large numbers of tech workers there. As such, it is a rather pleasant place to stay because neighborhoods are well-kept. People in Redmond are also known to be really nice to each other around the area even for a city with over 45,000 people.

Redmond like most big cities has slow and crowded rush-hour traffic during the day. If you plan on commuting outside of Redmond for your job, it’s wiser to move closer to your office to avoid the traffic jams. If you are going to work at Microsoft, then Redmond is a great place to be as it is close by. Be aware though, that real estate around Redmond is going to be pricey because of demand. Granted, you may not have decided on a place to stay yet and are willing to look around for a beautiful home. You can always rent short term while you look around for a place.

If you are a bicycling enthusiast, you will love moving to Redmond Washington. This is because it is known as the “bicycle capital of the Northwest”. Be sure to bring your bike along with you during your move to Redmond.

Whether packing your high-end bike with you or hiring a Redmond mover to do it, this will depend on your trust in the movers. The whole process of moving is typically paid for by the company that hired you. This doesn’t mean, however, that you become sloppy about who you hire to move because they will still be moving your stuff.

Redmond is cloudy for much of the year, about 9 months altogether. Moving to Redmond is usually done during the summer months. During the summer, however, is the peak times for seattle laundromat movers in Redmond, Washington. If you are looking to save some money, try to avoid moving during the peak times as much as possible. When the Redmond movers are in their lull period, they will more likely offer you a better deal on your move.

There are dozens of movers to choose from. If you are moving to a temporary place to stay and need to move there, be sure to check with the mover to see if they offer storage services. Doing this allows you to complete you move quickly (especially if it is for a new job) and you can still have time to move your stuff when the time is right. You don’t need to rush into a house purchase just yet and therefore will save some money because time is on your side. This will narrow your list down to only the ones who are able to offer you the service you need.

Understandably, you may not know where to start to find the best one because there are still so many. There are, however, a few things you can do to ensure you choose the best if you are hiring a moving company. The first thing you want to do is check the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) for any type of complaints from previous customers over the last 36 months.. You can do this by calling the BBB or researching online yourself. You can also easily verify the company’s license by contacting the US DOT, State DOT or the ICC.

For example, checking on the BBB’s website will yield ratings between A+ to F for moving businesses. Go to the consumers section and search by industry type. Look for ones rated A+ if they are accredited by the BBB. There is a ton of information available about the business on their site and you can get a feel of your Redmond mover’s reliability.

Next you can ask the Redmond moving company about their record with regards to being on time. Ask for at least three references from the movers you shortlisted. Follow up with phone calls to previous customers to make sure that each previous customer was very happy with the service.

As you are packing or beforehand, make sure you keep a log of all of your items. This way if anything is missing you know exactly what it is. When unpacking simply check off each item on your list to show that you have it.

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