Painless Clear Retainers For Teeth

After wearing braces for months or years to correct your misaligned teeth, you feel happy that you will finally be able to get rid of them. Now your doctor tells you that the orthodontic treatment is still not over and you will have to wear retainers for months or even a year or more so that your teeth won’t drift back out of alignment. Typically your doctor will give you two options, namely the traditional style retainer (with the metal wire showing across the front of your teeth) or plastic clear trays.

There are pros and cons to both. After extensive research and development though, there is now an alternative. It is steel bite pro a hybrid retainer that takes combines the advantages from metal and plastic retainers into one.

Natural Look

Traditional metal wire retainers are more durable, but having the wire running across your front teeth looks unsightly. Clear retainers are selected because they are invisible. They envelop the teeth and thus are less noticeable. However, they are brittle and can easily break. So while a clear retainer is esthetically more pleasing they are not durable. The new hybrid retainers are durable like a wire retainer, but have the advantage of no wires across the front teeth.

Comfort and fit

Metal retainers have steel claps to snap into place over the back of your molars. They can create a good fit, but are not very comfortable. They often can impede speech as well. Clear retainers dispense with the metal fittings, yet often do not snap into place like traditional retainers. Also they cover your biting surfaces which can cause TMJ problems down the road. It is best for your teeth to bite down without plastic material covering them. The new technology has created a solution by having smooth acrylic on the inside pallet while incorporating a thin durable propylene material surrounding the front teeth. There is no material covering the biting surfaces. The result is a very comfortable fit with great support and no TMJ issues.


Clear and metal retainers are custom-fitted dental appliances. Yet with either retainer, the gums might feel a little sore during the initial days of wearing. If this continues, it means that you may have the wrong size and may need some readjustments done. You could also need a new retainer if adjustments cannot be made. Clear retainers must not be fitted to puffy or inflamed gums as it results in a wrong fit. They will feel loose and uncomfortable after the gums shrink. The new hybrid retainers have none of these problems as they do not rely on adjustments or refits. By combining clear plastic material on the front of the teeth, acrylic on the inside of the teeth, and free biting surfaces, they remove the causes for retainer pain.

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