Optimize Google Search Engine Placement & Increase Web Page Traffic

Write a how to article, tip, or fiction excerpt for optimal Google search engine placement. Include your best key words and phrases in the article title and opening paragraph. Submit one to five articles per week to only the high traffic article directories and blogs. Many thousands visit these daily looking for free information on your topic. Your article gives them a sample of YOU like a sample of Mrs. Field’s tollhouse cookies, and leads them back to where you sell your book, which in turn will increase your web page traffic and profits!

Long tailed keyword phrases in your title and within your articles are important because search engines look for them and when they find them, you get a higher page rank and hence more visitors. Finally, website optimization and promotion through articles will increase clients, book sales, and sales conversions.

Expand your knowledge of keywords through investigating a free keyword enhancer judi online.

This particular program asks you first to include your main key word or phrase. For different article focuses that I write such as author, self-publishing, article marketing, how to write a book, web 2.0 articles, I found various other related key words. When the expanded key word list comes up, notice the categories at the top of the screen. The first one is Advertiser Competition. When this bar is completely filled in or 3/4 filled, this phrase might not be useful to you because it is already saturated as highly popular and frequently used on other sites. But if half full, go ahead and use this one. Don’t pay attention to the second category, Search Volume, but do check the third column of the Average Search Volume.

If the number in the 3rd column is over 400, consider this a good keyword phrase. Remember to use only 3-5 word phrases to get Google’s attention. On a new page in word, input the phrase and the number on the left side, then apply the last step to see if your phrases will work. Place the phrase within parentheses and place into the Google search bar. Check out the web results line, and see if the number is less than 10 times the key word phrase number. For instance if the key word # is 400, you’d only want to use this phrase if it had less than 400 search results.

Some people pay for these keywords, but you can use them free in this program. It’s especially good because you get key words with tails – the exact longer, specific phrases people put into Google when they are looking for help.

Using the key word enhancers helps you get noticed a lot more from Google and others. These marketing messages via articles outside your site allow your website optimization and promotion plan to gain momentum and quickly expand your business online.

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