Oil Changes-Who Are They Really Good For?

Change your engine oil every 3000 miles for maximum engine life. Right? Well I’m here to set the record straight for you. Why every 3000 miles / 3 months? The average person will drive 3000 miles in less than 3 months so this brings you into the shop more often but in the industries defense there is somewhere a scientific study that says the engine oil “breaks” down to a point where it lessens its ability to properly protect your engine. Does it Really?

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In franchise shops as well as Dealerships, and independent shops the 3000 mile oil change being the least expensive service your car needs is being used against you! See the oil change yes is somewhat important but if you go 7500 or even 10,000 miles your car won’t blow up! The oil change is used by the shop to get you in so they can do a courtesy inspection of fluids, belts, hoses, brakes, lights, to sell you something, it’s all fine if you need it but what happens every time you go in another inspection and more money spent eventually you would think that everything would be fixed at this rate wouldn’t you?

The shop bases about 40% of its business on what is found during an oil change inspection so the technician are told by their supervisors to “find” items needing attention on every vehicle that comes in. The oil change is actually more beneficial to the shop than to you or your car. OK scientifically it is said that after 3000 miles oil has lost most of it’s ability to protect your engine properly THC Vapes Shop. I think that the public has been pushed so much into believing this that other vital items are not getting their proper attention one of them being the fuel filter! Why not “push” the fuel filter? The best reason I can figure is the average fuel filter installed can range from $49.99 to nearly $100.00 and people hate to spend money and with an oil change they can “say” that they did maintenance to their car and only spent $18.99. The fuel filter is the last line of defence for the expensive fuel injectors and not changing the fuel filter regularly is the leading cause of early electric fuel pump failure!

So why help shops bottom line? Don’t worry about 3000 miles. I have a vehicle that has 300,000 miles on it and the oil has been changed about maybe a dozen times since 40,000 when we got it and it still passes emissions tests every year and runs everyday. So go ahead change your oil but not every 3000 and keep track of what work you have done and don’t be a victim of shops making money off something you think is a bargain. Think it over could a shop stay alive changing oil all day at $18.99 per car not sell you anything and pay $3000/mo rent, utilities, pay employees, buy supplies, phone ,advertising and more so they are “baiting” you with something cheap and making money off you if you let them sure if there is actually something wrong with your vehicle that needs to be fixed, fine but not every time you go in for your oil change service.

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