How To Make Homemade Carp Baits And Readymade Boilies The Best Ever!

Making world class carp baits is not just an art form and a science, but an extension of your own self. You can do it with the right knowledge and enough practice and catches feedback to hone your skills and experience, so things become as instinctive as they are for carp! Carp are constantly dynamically adapting individuals so the concept of the ultimate carp bait is misleading, however you can constantly adapt baits to keep your results much higher than the herd using readymade baits! For the best, read on now!

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It might surprise you to discover I see fishing bait as an extension of my journey into ultimate personal health and nutrition and vitality and longevity. Carp are great teachers; they are our long lost ancestors! Carp really do respond to substances that we respond to, hand it is amazing how many substances that carp are renowned for being stimulated by such as chilli oleoresins in hot peppers etc and spirulina and now regarded as super foods by modern science!

Nutritionally speaking baits are about energy as all nutrition is diverted towards vital energy for survival, be it proteins, fatty acids, terpenes, carbohydrates, fats and a multitude of substances whatever they are, that ultimately assist in promoting the most energy efficient metabolism of the human or carp body schloss klemmt schlüssel lässt sich nicht drehen.

But bait is not about feeding fish unless you happen to own a fishery and want to exploit paying anglers and charge then basically for feeding your fish. Angling bait is not about feeding fish or supplementing natural diets, but about inducing feeding behaviours even if merely curiosity feeding. Far too many anglers get caught up in how much of a bait will be biologically available and use mathematics to try to discern and refine limiting amino acids effects so maximised levels of nutrition are utilised and converted into tissues for muscle fibre regeneration and growth and repair etc and not for fueling metabolism and all pathways and roles requiring energy, from respiration to muscular contractions used in swimming to locate food and equally vital gill movements etc.

But frankly you can out-fish readymade baits sorted for amino acids simply by exploiting habit-forming (even addictive,) and exceptionally potent bioactive and enzyme-active bait substances etc within your own homemade baits. You could also do it many other ways, including using very high doses of fermenting products or bye-products within your baits. Certainly only a proportion of what is available that stimulates carp feeding is supplied by fishing bait companies and there are very many other suppliers and substances that are very potent indeed than these companies will generally admit!

Of course carp bait companies favour using substances that will be most profitable to them. In fact most of the more potent substances in readymade carp baits are not used in anywhere near the levels that you can use them within homemade carp baits, in order to out-fish readymade baits. Fishing bait companies do not advertise that fact in the flashy magazines do they?

As you can tell, I am not the biggest fan of the whole commercial side of fishing, and every time I see a flashy magazine with yet another round or barrel shaped boilie or pop up bait it just makes me laugh at the amount of conditioning and brain washing taking place because smooth-surfaced heated readymade boilies are not the ultimate bait and can easily be out-fished!

Why do you think the average angler is disappointed with his results using readymade baits? Surely fish should be jumping on the bank for them if they are as good as they are advertised! But in fact I know of some of the latest leading brand readymade boilies that have been used for pre-baiting on some high profile waters deliberately to prime fish for video making and the fish have left the readymade baits alone for two full weeks before the baits broke down without being eaten! I will not mention the brand here but it is one of the biggest leading brands in the UK and not Nash although they have obviously taken a bashing anyway, but if you want details about which bait I am referring to you can contact me to find out!

I might add that many companies will market a new bait based on results of field tester catches where they are provided with a far more potent version of a bait than the version the public will actually will be buying as the next big thing! I hope many of you take good note of this! Not all readymade bait companies are this crafty but if you find your results are average then think about making your own so you can always ensure your baits are even better of those that initial field testers get hold of!

Bettering bait is all about having a control bait and constantly experimenting and refining with slightly refined versions of that bait, altering levels of substances, substituting some for alternative ones and so on – really exploiting the fact you have 2 or 5 rods. Few anglers realise that even using 3 homemade baits each with a different flavour levels can hook different fish in a water due to the fact that each individual fish has a unique degree of sensitivity to any particular substance.

The most optimised and most functionally-effective bait is about guaranteeing the most potent continual release of feed-triggering bait substances which are most highly concentrated in solution possible; and that really sums it all up!

All heated bait is very seriously impeded in its functional potential to catch fish because bait substances in concentration in solution are the big key to the most successful baits and heated baits are coagulated and sealed so very little soluble substances are available to form concentrated impactful solution being sealed into the matrix of the bait! These heated baits have damaged under-optimised proteins so perform far below maximum potential and it really makes me mad that heated boilies are claimed to be the ultimate carp nutrition, the ultimate bait format.

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