Hacking the Lucky Dates – Are You Lucky?

Almost daily we have to deal with the dates, deciding on important events and selecting the right date can at times be very crucial. Remember the day when you felt motivated from the beginning. Everything you tried turned out into something perfect. As a golfer you made right shots. As a salesman you made ample sales. As a manager you made fruitful investments. In simple terms you were like never KBC lucky draw 2021 before. Now think of the other kind of day when nothing seemed right. The harder you tried the worse it got. On that day even your favorite things had a bad flavor.

It took me many years to accept the fact that an average individual cannot win consistently, losing someday is for sure. I cannot find a single person on this planet who is not interested in knowing about his lucky dates. The fact is that we just don’t want to accept it. Every smarter individual must know beforehand about dates that carry luck or more importantly he must know about the dates that carry bad luck.

It is seen that after serial bad transits a day comes which brings luck with it. This is the day filled with ample luck and fortune. Winning can come in any form. It can be a court case win, winning of a lottery, release of pending payments or any other most awaited event that comes unexpectedly before us. But if these lucky days are known beforehand then a proper utilization can lead to something never thought of. Just imagine how frustrating it would be to not play a game when you were destined to win.

Any god astrologer can easily discuss about the following after analyzing your horoscope (Remember all these are totally individualized)
1. Your lucky dates for the current month- These are the days when you can be victorious in every endeavor of yours
2. Your lucky colors- Colors that can sooth your mind and help it work better
3. Your lucky numbers- Numbers that can make things work for you.
4 People lucky for you- Being with them is like having a shield before you.

Now I will come to the method (for astrologers only) – When you will draw your transits diagrammatically, using arcs, a nozzle shaped structure becomes evident, with top arcs extending beyond the bottom arcs. Now draw a horizontal line placing the good transits above it and bad below. Specify intervals to represent days. Now classify those dates which have one or more good arcs above the line, without any arcs beneath. The point where last arc ceases is where luck is manifested.

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