Free Mbs – Is This A Scam?

Today telenor answers has launched a new quiz on YouTube. It’s a real time video Q&A where questions are asked by the public and the community can get involved in the response. If you like to see what is the current buzz in the internet community then this is one of the best ways for you to get the answers. With the latest release of the 3rd DVD “Guess How Much I Know” it really gets into the nitty gritty of how people use technology these days.

Telenor Questions Today | My Telenor App Today Answers: My Telenor Today  Questions and Answers | 22 August 2020

Telenor Answers has been quite active in putting out videos and behind the scenes content on YouTube, they have a regular feature video called “telecom answers jigsaw” that gives a quick teaser of some of the things that you might find on the site. This is the first major new product that they are releasing and as you can probably guess it is a planned response to the questions raised by the 2 January 2021 survey. Below I’ll reveal some of the main telecom answers jigsaw.

The first release of the video gave a hint at some of the unanswered questions from the previous year. Questions like, will there be more features on Facebook and Twitter this year? Will MySpace also be getting an update? Will Google+ be getting an upgrade? What about LinkedIn? And of course the big question, will the new year bring an answer to the question “Why telenor does not own MySpace? “.

After the reveal of the first teleseminar, there was a question left, would the teleseminars and YouTube videos make up for lost traffic in the lead up to the official launch. Surprisingly the answer was a resounding “yes”. The traffic was still there, but it wasn’t coming from the teleseminars alone. So after releasing the YouTube videos and teleseminars, I went back to the drawing board.

In the second week of January, I decided to try and get some more information out of the internet. With the latest release of the Q&A app, there should be some interesting new ideas on how to use the app. I have been searching the internet trying to find answers to questions such as Will there be an option to combine MySpace with the internet mbs service? Will the app enable you to make friends and get free connections on Facebook and twitter?

After going through a lot of pages looking for the answer to the first question, I realised that I was missing a very good opportunity to build my list of subscribers, which is one of my biggest advantages when it comes to marketing with teleseminars and YouTube videos. So I started my search again for the right teleseminar and website. When I looked at the schedule for the telecom answers 2 January 2021 presentation, I realized that they were not giving any links to sign up for the webinars. I started to wonder if I had made a mistake by opting in for the email course offered by telecom.

The third week of January, I managed to find another question in the FAQ section that would allow me to increase the number of people who could potentially become my subscribers. I clicked on this and was able to paste the link provided to sign up for the webinars. This time, I managed to get some good questions and answers from the telenor itself. They are planning on releasing some new tools in the near future which will enable their users to make free videos for teleseminars.

With all this said, I am very much optimistic that we are going to see more free mbs in the near future. We already know that telecom has the best free internet mbs in the market and they have a great incentive to continue providing us with great services. What do you think about the new free mbs plans offered by telecom? Will it be enough to take you away from your current providers? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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