Don’t Forget to Eat to Burn Fat

Life has become too fast for many of us and it is work work work or run run run. You may eat a good breakfast then life gets in the way of your plans of having good meals. You don’t eat lunch because you are busy. You plan on fixing a healthy meal when you get home. Maybe some chicken and lots of steamed vegetables but you are running late and when you get home you are already hungry.

Your body doesn’t want to wait for that good healthy meal. You reach for that chocolate bar to hold you over til the meal is ready. Then you reach for the cookies or the chips and Eat Sleep Burn munch on them. You decide to have a drink to relax and it ends up being two. Dinner is cooked and you sit down to eat it. You have now consumed more calories than you should have had for the entire day and your plan has gone down the tubes.

On the other hand you could be one of those people who don’t cook. You have had a really busy day at work and cooking that evening meal is the last thing you want to do. Instead you stop off at the local take out place and pick up something easy. A good Indian curry, a pizza, fish and chips or Chinese. Again maybe one or two drinks with your meal and as you relax the snacks pop up. Chips, chocolate, popcorn and then before you know it you have piled up a load of calories again.

What has happened to you is you have let the hunger build up throughout the day and now you are making up for it by binging. The hunger pangs are driving you to eat what ever is handy. If you had eaten during the day instead of passing those meals you would not be driven to binge.

If you control what you consume throughout the day your body will consume those calories and you are not going to want as much food in the evening. If you eat that much in the evening your body will be working overtime to digest it and you may not sleep well. Planning and taking time for your meals will help you burn fat off instead of accumulating it so you can have that healthy beautiful body you want.

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