Common Types of Office Furniture

Office desks and chairs are functional furniture items used by office workers to perform specific tasks. An office desk, or executive chair, is an ordinary type of executive chair designed for usage in an office. It generally is a swiveling chair, with a fixed pair of wheels for easy mobility and also adjustable height. Most modern office chairs usually employ a single, unique heavy-duty load bearing leg, that is placed underneath the seat ket sat.

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Traditional office desks and conference chairs have an armrest, usually two separate ones on either side of the lower back portion of the chair. These arms are usually adjustable and may be positioned at any angle or height in relation to the rest of the seat. Some office desks and conference chairs even feature a built in footrest. In recent times, however, more office furniture makers have begun to specialize in creating conference chairs with arms, that can now be adjusted in almost any direction, as well as offering some very unique features.

One of the biggest concerns that most employees and employers have about their business is workplace injuries. An ergonomic office chair with added features such as foot rests, adjustable arms and head rest, will certainly assist in preventing repetitive stress injury, that often leads to a loss of employee productivity levels. By investing in ergonomic chairs and desks, higher employee productivity levels will most certainly be achieved.

Of course, the ultimate goal of all employers is to not only achieve higher employee productivity levels but to help lower healthcare costs, which can also directly impact employee productivity levels. The increased use of ergonomic office chairs along with adjustable office desks, will not only help reduce healthcare costs, but it may also lead to an actual reduction in sick days due to lack of productivity. When companies invest in ergonomic office chairs, they are also helping their employees to enjoy a healthier work environment.

Ergonomic executive chairs and desks will vary depending on the needs of your company. When looking at ergonomic chairs and desks, there are a number of different styles and materials to choose from. Most conference chairs and desks came in leather or fabric for easier mobility by members of the staff. If you prefer leather, you’ll most likely find a darker coloured version to blend in better with your office walls and flooring, while for those that prefer fabric you’ll likely find a lighter coloured version to reflect light and compliment the colours of your walls and floors.

Office desks and conference chairs come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Most commonly office furniture will come in a standardised size to help with catering for the different sized workforce. However, as well as catering for the standard sized staff, you should also consider what type of desks and executive chairs will be most suitable for your staff. These are some of the most common types of furniture to find in most offices.

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