Why Politicians Shouldn’t Create Or Save Jobs

In this economy, politicians talk about how they have created or saved jobs for their constituents, but what does that mean, exactly, and in what context would that be good for us?┬áThere are several examples of how they might go about performing such feats, and upon more careful examination, I’m not sure any of them

Is the Consensus Right or Wrong About China?

Was it Churchill who originated the phrase, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’? Citing the exceptional circumstances of Brexit, today we had the Italians asking the EU to allow them to bail out their own banks to avoid the now familiar bail in process of hitting shareholders and depositors first. “Nein” was the

Getting Great Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Are you looking for a large, robust dog to add to your household that does very well with young children, is easy to train, and adds great cheer to a household? If so, consider Golden Retriever dogs for sale! Golden Retriever dogs, sometimes also called just “Goldens”, have long been one of America’s best selling

Top Tips For Running More Effective Meetings

So you’ve heard the advice; “Top Tips for running more effective meetings”. They say that effective meetings are 90% talking and ninety percent listening. So, what are the top tips for running more effective meetings? How can you ensure your meetings run smoothly and involve all the people in the organisation? The following tips should

Protecting Corporate Rights

Real state business law is similar to property law in that it is concerned with the boundaries of the real world, including land, structures and assets. Real estate is a type of property that includes immovable assets, such as buildings and properties on it; immovable personal property of this kind; and any right, title or